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IN-OV-8 was established over 10 years ago as a conduit for UK companies who wish to work with a  UK based source that offers quality products
manufactured in Far East factories and which are delivered to their door at competitive prices, invoiced in £’s Sterling and carry a UK guarantee.
IN-OV-8’s preferred manufacturer has, since its inception, been VOLL WILL ENTERPRISE COMPANY LTD; Voll Will are based in Taiwan and have
factories in Taiwan and China which have always complied with all aspects of the Health and Safety and Workers Rights Code of Conduct, which
is very important to IN-OV-8 and is becoming more and more important for companies seeking an ethical source for their products.
IN-OV-8’s Managing Director, who has visited Voll Will’s factories on many occasions, is also Voll Will’s Vice President of Export Sales.  
Some companies have the ability to order larger quantities and already deal directly with factories in the Far East and for those companies
IN-OV-8 act as Consultants to Voll Will.
IN-OV-8 work to develop customers’ own design specifications for any OEM and ODM products including full logo requirements and resale
packaging including bar coding.
Realtree ® is known to produce the “Worlds Most Versatile Camo Patterns”…
IN-OV-8 being a Licensed Realtree ® manufacturer, are able to produce products for customers in the UK, EU and the USA who do not have
sufficient volume of fabric within their chosen products to allow them to order the minimum yardage required by the Authorised Printers of Realtree® Fabric,
as their minimum order is 3000 yards for each pattern and fabric type.
IN-OV-8’s investment in Stock Fabrics such as Poly Jersey and 600D Nylon Fabrics in Realtree® Patterns and Standard Coloured fabrics;
enables customers to order products such as Waders and Market Specific Apparel, Gloves, Accessories, Bags, Hats, Caps, Jackets and Pants
in smaller quantities as IN-OV-8  can consolidate the manufacture of these products from our stocked fabrics.
IN-OV-8 AND Voll Will work together to ensure that customers’ products are manufactured to the highest quality and in the most appropriate
place in either Taiwan or China.