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Far Infrared Energizes the body and muscle groups for increased energy and power. It improves the immune function, blood flow and blood micro circulation. Relieves Arthritis Pain, and can aid Rheumatoid Arthritis, Knee Pain, Shoulder Pain, Neck Pain, and all kinds of Chronic Pains.
Aids the process of Weight Loss, Wrinkle Reduction and Tissue Regeneration.

Our Products include: T-Shirts Long and Short Sleeve, V Neck or Crew Neck Tops, High Waist Exercise Leggings and Shorts, Arm and Leg Sleeves, Face Masks, Wrist Bands. All are Unisex in Design.


Our 4 Way Stretch Super Comfy Fabrics are 320g in weight and have a Peach "FEEL" inside.
It is SP50 Excellent Rated to protect from UV Rays of the Sun  

FIR-SKIN T+ fabric has infused Titanium particles which enhances the body's own FIR emissions unlike any other thermal insulation.

Titanium is a non-toxic element increasingly known for the benefits of Far Infrared Rays (FIR) which are emitted and reflected back when exposed to the heat of the body.

Titanium is used in the body by medical implantation as it it not rejected and will not cause inflammation.
It also prevents the build up of ammonia which reduces build up of unpleasant odors.

FIR-SKIN T+ has been independently test by renowned testing houses to prove:

Titanium Content to US EPA3052

Reduction and Antibacterial test of Staphylococcus to AATCC 100

Anion Determination and Detection (Anti-Static Effectiveness)

Surface Resistivity - ASTM D257-93

Removal of Ammonia -28.6%/1hr

Our business is located in Leeds Email: info@in-ov-8.com or Tel: 07966 541173, Skype "in-ov-8"

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