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How the  Non-Toxic Titanium is infused to the fabric, is a very technical process. 
The fibers of the fabric are passed through a bath of Liquid that has millions of “Titanium Nano-Particles”, therefore the term “Liquid Titanium” is used .
 These Titanium Particles attach themselves to the fibers and then it is knitted into fabrics.

This way the Titanium particles are permanently attached to the fibers.

 The Titanium is the source of the Far Infrared Rays (FIR) and it is the FIR that helps the body accelerate the Blood Flow, therefore it adds to the body’s own natural production of FIR and reflects this back into the derma-layer of the skin and in turn the muscles are stimulated to work harder (Warm Up) or when at rest to expel the lactic toxins that makes the muscles feel tired and relieves aches and helps rejuvenate the muscles more quickly (Warm Down).

 These effects will work on all Warm Blooded species i.e. Humans, Horses, Dogs and Cats etc.  The fabric must be touching or very near to the skin as the body is the heat source that reflects back and improves the way the FIR can activate the benefits of FIR and its warming effect.

1  These Titanium infused products are for many sports and health markets, we therefore give below a briefing on why and how Titanium treated products can be beneficial.
Titanium is a NON-TOXIC element that has been widely used in many applications including: transportation, industrial articles production, automobile industry, coatings, finishing, construction1 and, of course, the one application that we have invested the most: medical applications. Probably the most familiar medical uses of Titanium that we can frequently find is related to:- Surgical implements and also implants.
Since the Ti element itself is not toxic and human body does not reject it, Titanium has been used as a substitute for orthopedic implants (such as joints, hip balls, teeth, etc.)2.  Mankind has been taking advantage of Titanium’s bio compatibility for many years, especially for aesthetic purposes, such as piercings and tattoos: any tattoo artist will always demand titanium instruments over any other material. Nowadays there are a few apparel manufacturers, sports clothing brands and therapeutic garments suppliers that are advertising the usage of Titanium and Far Infrared within their apparel, but why? And how does it work? The benefits inherent to the use of Titanium Particles within garments and medical support products are among others: a) Natural warming of the body, b) Enhanced blood circulation,
c) Muscle pain relief,
d) Improved metabolism,
e) Reduced inflammation and swelling joints,
f) Antibiotic deodorization,
g) Production of negative ions
h) Far Infrared Ray Emission.

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